Welcome to Vehicle Tracking Security System-VTSS
Vehicle Tracking Security System-VTSS is a latest addition to Mansour Al Mosaid Group of companies.
How powerful is it to keep a watchful eye on your valuable vehicle always?
Vehicle Tracking Security System-VTSS is a mobile technology breakthrough with huge success in the West. You only have to install this devise in your vehicle (our service centers will take care of the installations) and you are connected to your vehicle always through our satellite control center.
Now your can rest assured that there is a devise that will take that responsibility or guarding your vehicles both commercial and personal. The devices use GSM cellular technology to
pinpoint the position of your vehicle and report it back you by sending a text message over a mobile phone network.
Who Should Benefit From VTSS?
  • Individual Car Owners
  • Companies with Large Fleet of commercial vehicles
  • Car agencies
  • Rent-a-car companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Transport companies and more..

    Key Features
  • You can stop your car on its way using your mobile phone.
  • Apprehend and talk to the culprit.
  • Know at what speed the vehicle is traveling.
  • Know in which area your car is dumped.
  • Very economical in the long run.
Invest on VTSS for security rather than loosing a huge amount when your car is stolen.
For more information on how this unique vehicle tracking solution can help you and your company save huge money and manpower, please contact us today. We will be pleased to provide a live demonstration of the features for any clarifications.
Please contact us for any further information and if you have any business enquires to make. We shall endeavor our best to fulfill your requirements promptly with excellent personalized services.
Our Contact Address
Mansour Al Mosaid Group
Vehicle Tracking Security System-VTSS
Po Box 9150, Jeddah 21413
Tel: +966 2 6511293/6511232
Fax: +966 2 6511393

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