Welcome to Barley Terminal
Yet another division of Mansour Al Mosaid Group, providing commendable services to the importers of the bulk barley destined to the livestock and poultry farms (where barley is used as a major feed) in the Kingdom.
Started in the year 1984, as a part of the Group’s port services at Jeddah Islamic Port, this division’s main activity was to provide technical & manpower support to the importers of barley assisting them in port formalities as well as transportations and related procedures.
Later in the year 1996, a dedicated terminal with huge storage and automatic packing facilities was established at south Jeddah (Al Khomra Area, well-connected to the Port) by Mansour Al Mosaid Group to cater to the growing demands for such services from its customers from both Jeddah as well as other parts of the Kingdom.
Today, we operate storage and packing facilities at Jeddah and Yanbu while technical & manpower support for bulk barley importers are provided at Dammam and Gizan ports.
Our services in this area include:
  • Handling of bulk barley at the port- port clearance and transportation to the storage and packing terminal.
  • Packing of barley as per customers needs/specifications (mostly 50kgs plastic bags) using
  • Automatic packing equipments.
  • Transportation of the packed goods to the customer-desired destinations (ware house, stores, end user farms etc.)

For further information and any business enquiries please contact us.
Mansour Al Mosaid Group
Barley Terminal Division
Tel: +966 2 2362972 Mobile: 0503653391
Head Office
Po Box 9150, Jeddah 21413
Tel: +966 2 6511293/6511232
Fax: +966 2 6511393

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