Mansour Al Mosaid Group of Companies
The Products
With the opening of 3 M Packaging Solution the focus was on metal packaging solutions for the consumer goods which are part of everyday life and used by people of all ages.
We understand the need of clients who are suffering with non standard Tin Plate Prices. During the course of Year 2004, 3 M Packaging Solution has accumulated experience in the production of steel gauge from 0.55 to 0.18 mm as normal. These steel are primarily transformed into packaging of General Line Containers, Milk Powder Cans, Petrochemical products etc..

We have gone through R & D procedures serving customers throughout the GCC. The main concern is to maintain proper packing solution to avoid any direct contact with outside climatic conditions and to maintain environmentally safe packing. The sheet are prepared and packaged depending on the final destination and means of transportation, both overland and maritime shipment method.
Various packs of various products are packed in Tin Cans, whether it be for a baby food, paints to body spray, from tuna to tomato ketch-up and from beans to chocolates, 3 M Packaging plays a key role in differentiating our customers’ products and bringing value to the consumer.
We design, make and sell metal cans in steel, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes:
  • Round Cans
  • Rectangular Shaped Cans,
  • Round, Straight Sided or Conical
  • Printed and Unprinted.

Other than the above, we also provide many different cans called as Fancy cans.