Mansour Al Mosaid Group of Companies
The Process
Coil Cutting Line
From Coil to Sheets, the process is a semi-finish product till it is proceed for decoration or forming. Prior to the crossing of that line it requires proper information on the following below:
After the process annealing, the strip is tempered in order to achieve the required level of hardness, the required surface, good evenness and the required mechanical properties are the main area to be taken care of prior to production for coil.
After the process of temper the metal is still called “Black Plate” which can be coated with tin or chrome depending on the request of client prior to placing an order. The coil goes on the coating line, to obtain tinplate or TFS depending on the request produced by clients.
The coating protects the steel against oxidation and facilitates subsequent welding operations.
The major concern of final process “Coil to Sheets” is done on the coil cutting line. The coils are cut into sheets according to the customer’s specifications, 3 M Packaging Solution has the ability to demonstrate in shearing from coil to sheet and ensures high-precision straight or indented cuts are carried out to customers requirement.