Mansour Al Mosaid Group of Companies
About Us
The main objective of opening of 3M Packaging Solution is to offer an innovation and differentiation delight to our customers and consumers. 3 M Packaging aim to be the best Metal & Plastic Packaging Company in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
Introducing our new service “Coil Cutting Line Process” will be undertaking supplies of Plain/Plain Tin Plate or Finish Tin Plate Sale required by clients. Whether Lacquered, Coated or Decorated. 3 M Packaging will be supporting clients for
General Line Containers and Food Pack Containers with a monthly required quantities.
From General Line Containers to Food Pack Containers, 3M Packaging Solution is trying to offer its services to clients inside Saudi Arabia as well to other parts of GCC.
Young to start but old enough to hold, our experience to Metal Packaging goes a quarter century. We add value through innovative developments, expertise in can production methods and metal printing techniques, shaping of can bodies and a responsive approach to market needs.
Our service for offering Tin Plate Sheets applies to our valued customers in following areas:
  • 3 Piece General Line Containers Production.
  • 3 Piece Food Pack Containers Production.
  • Components Production.
  • TFS for Crowns Production.
  • General Production.